Before you start reading this monster post, I want to tell about me and how I quit my job and started freelancing. I was the same person as many of you doing a 9 to 5 job in Dubai as a graphic designer. After a while doing my job and having a robotic routine, I just realized this is so below from my compassion and skills. I can do much more if I ever have the chance. I also wanted to be with my family as staying away from them was a big step for me. After realizing my skills and creativity I quit my job and started freelancing. Today I have no words to describe how happy I am from my decision. I am a proud graphic designer who now makes a handsome salary and can live and work according to myself.

Scope of freelancing:

In October last year, Forbes posted that there has been an increase of 8.1% freelancer work only in the US. If this trend continues like that then in 2027, 50% of the workforce will be doing freelancing. Seeing the change in new trends, here is the list of top 10 countries that share the most growth in the freelance market.

1. USA (78% growth)

2. U.K. (59% growth)

3. Brazil (48%)

4. Pakistan (47% growth)

5. Ukraine (36% growth)

6. Philippines (35% growth)

7. India (29% growth)

8. Bangladesh (27% growth)

9. Russia (20% growth)

10. Serbia (19% growth).

In the coming years, the freelancing market will boom to more growth and introduction of new countries. The USA is expected to be on the top even after 10 years because of the bigger market and much-needed workforce. Now, the growth of incomes around the world is more of the ones coming from the e-market.

Top graphic designing freelance platforms:

If you want to pursue your career and start making money by freelancing then you can opt from one of the following platforms:

● Upwork

● Fiverr

● Toptal

● PeoplePerHour

● 99Designs

● AwesomeWeb

● Freelancer

● Dribbble

● Craigslist

Steps to become a freelance graphic designer:

Step 1:

Recognize your interest in designing:

Graphic designing can be really a painstaking profession. You can excel in the field of graphic designing only by embracing your inner potentials towards designing. Before working as a freelance graphic designer, determine either your interest in graphic designing is just a hobby or a serious career pathway for you. Once you recognize your aptitude, you can work on your raw skills and turn yourself into a more professional design.

Step 2:

Read up and gain maximum knowledge:

Graphic designing requires a thorough knowledge of the theoretical as well as practical work. A genuine graphic designer will have the habit of adopting new trends and styles. It is important to gain maximum knowledge of the past and modern designing trends. Formal learning of graphic designing can really make a difference in your professional work. Online tutorials and blogs on graphic designing can also serve as a means of gaining desired information about designing. There are thousands of sources from where you can learn about graphic designing and polish your raw talents with the support of authentic knowledge of designing.

Step 3:

Get a professional certification and training:

Once you decide to pursue graphic designing as a freelance profession, the next step should be getting training from an expert in the field, institute or online courses. Training plays an important role in building up your freelance profile. The more experienced you are, the better are the chances to get more clients. Professional training and certifications can make your profile as a graphic designer look more authentic and skillful for the expected clients. In order to excel in the field of designing and to polish your skills more and more, professional training can help you in multiple ways.

Step 4:

Start freelancing on any of the above-mentioned platforms:

With the increasing demand of freelancers, there has been an increasing number of websites that serves as an online platform for all the freelancers to approach prospective clients. These platforms provide a head-start to the freelancers in their respective fields. By using these above-mentioned platforms, you can reach out to millions of clients from all around the world.

Step 5:

Do self-branding:

Branding yourself is today the most important thing to do because of the tight competition all around the world. You need to make your own space in the market by advertising yourself creatively on social media. Social media has great power and can connect you to international clients right away.

Step 6:

Over-deliver for your first clients:

Value as a freelancer is a mixture of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that your client deserves. As new in the business, it’s a pro tip to always deliver fast or on time to your first clients. Do more than the offer say and give them unlimited revisions. Their feedback is your key to success and building a good portfolio with positive feedback’s.

Step 7:

Build your portfolio:

There are always some newbies who didn’t get a chance to make their portfolio on time and then lose potential clients. Build a minimum viable portfolio to avoid the same fate. Highlight your best work and skills to ensure your clients how pro you are.

Step 8:

Monetize your skills and achieve financial freedom:

This monster post comes down to this last step which is our goal in the end. By following the above steps, you can make potential clients and earn money through the above-mentioned platforms easily. You need to remember that always make your payments on time and ask referrals from your happy clients.

By following these steps, you can achieve what I did. It always takes a little time and effort but if you follow the right path you can quit your job and freelancing will be your new path to enjoy your life like you always wanted to.