If you really think it’s expensive to hire a professional graphic designer, then wait until you hire an amateur for your work.

If we talk only about the industrial growth of graphic designing, then the total revenue generated by the US graphic design including both freelancers and workforce in 2019 is $15 Billion. Since 2014, there has been a 3.5% growth in the graphic design market share data. In this growth, the major role has been played by the freelance graphic designers who are responsible for creating a tremendous growth in e-market according to the 2019 statistics.

As a professional, experienced and award-winning graphic designer myself, I always advise people around the world to go for a freelance graphic designer. There are plenty of reasons today with statistical proof that shows businesses dealing with freelancers for their graphical work are successful than before.
Freelance graphic designers work in an independent environment and that’s why there are more capable of effective and efficient production. They combine their artistic skills and modern technology to ensure the clients stand out in the crowd. A freelance graphic designer can grab the visual attention of your potential customers with his or her credibility and expertise. Either it’s about logo making, branding or illustrations, you can always find the perfect pro for your business.

Top and effective and proven benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer:
Here I am giving you the most effective reasons why you need to hire a freelance graphic designer for your business.
Freelance graphic designers are more reliable and skillful
Freelance graphic designers are more reliable due to some obvious reasons. The profile and portfolio of the graphic designer shows the credibility of their skills and talent. Their online profile shows their previous work and the amount of experience they possess. Almost all freelance profiles have a rating criterion. The ratings are based on the satisfaction of prospective clients. It helps in making an informed decision about who to rely on for your required work. Freelance graphic designers are more dedicated to the client’s work as compared to agencies.

Freelance graphic designers have flexible working hours

All the top designing companies and agencies have scheduled working hours and days. All the projects are catered at least 36 to 48 hours before or even more. In the case of freelance graphic designers, you can easily approach them. Freelance graphic designers have flexible working hours that allow them to assist your work at urgent basis or any other time of the day. Imagine, it is the weekend and you suddenly need an animation for an important meeting on Monday, what will you do now? Well, nothing to be worried about because freelance graphic designers are on their way to rescue you. Freelance graphic designers are available 24/7 and can provide all the required work at urgent basis as well.

Not just cost-effective but time-effective as well

Hiring a freelance graphic designer can save you from a lot of trouble. Freelance graphic designers are not just only cost-effective but also time-effective. Agencies or companies have fixed rates for all sorts of work requirements and it involves with no or minimum revisions. But with freelance graphic designers, you can negotiate the work rate which is feasible for both sides of the parties. Freelance graphic designers provide maximum revisions to their clients to maximize client satisfaction. Along with these freelance graphic designers provide time-effective services. They provide faster delivery of work according to the client’s necessity. They are always available for their clients. So, hiring a freelance graphic designer actually pays off!

Open line of communication with freelance graphic designers:

When you start working with professional freelancers then you can deal with them directly. There is no middle-man or no agency manager with whom you just have to leave the instructions. A perfect work also requires an effective and open line of communication and this is what you can achieve when you hire a freelancer for yourself. You get to have a 24/7 direct line of communication and in case of any queries and revisions; you can ask right away.

Access to a wider talent pool:

67% of SMEs were able to grow their business successfully because of choosing freelancer graphic designers. Even small organizations are working on less scale and they need the talent that can give their sales a push. So, they also believe that it is highly important to have a freelance graphic designer on board. Since, 2015, 71% of businesses are able to create 10 times more unique content that leads to 1.5 times greater market share for many companies.
Graphic design is a vast field and includes a variety of options and demands around the world. There are many freelancers who hold different talents and are a pro in a specific field. You can always look out for them as they are the one who knows the trends, technology, demand and what consumers actually want to see. So, you can never be wrong choosing a graphic designer through any of the top freelance platforms.


So, these are the top and effective benefits that ensure you are making the right decision when you choose a freelancer. There is a huge scope and you can opt from one of the top platforms of freelancing. 49% of the SME’s rate that is highly important to have a freelance graphic designer on-board. Freelance graphic designers help to make visual assets that are in-demand and can be a great way of being successful in the competitive global market.